we build things differently

imam serahsi mosque
kyrgyzstan / bishkek


horasan construction is an international civil contracting and commercial building company with an innovative approach best demonstrated by the successful completion of all projects.

horasan construction has delivered construction projects in turkey,
moldova, tajikistan, seychelles, kyrgyzstan, lebanon and mali.

horasan construction offers solution partnership in contract services through contracting competences and engineering talents.

we are passionate


first, customer expectations. we know that we have to do more than just construction. we believe that having customer-oriented targets and activities is not an obligation but a prerequisite for repeatable success.

we keep our word. we are aware that our customers, having chosen to collaborate with us, are investing in our reliance. therefore, we do whatever necessary to keep our word.

we make certain that everybody wins. we want to ensure that our customers, us, our personnel, and our contractors all benefit from our collaboration. we value justice and honesty, and do not violate our principles for advantage.

we are people-oriented. we have a high opinion of human life, and regard for our personnel. we aim for zero work accidents, and know that quality work can only be achieved with qualified people.

moldova / comrat

we build places that inspire

building construction

horasan undertakes turn-key building construction activities, specialising in high level technological buildings such as airports, business centres, hospitals and mosques. Our talented and highly experienced team is dedicated to providing a professional service at all stages of construction from design to handover.

chamber of Industrial zone mosque
turkey / eskisehir

consulate general

we do it all, no job is too big or too small

interior design

horasan renders project design and implementation activities in the field of interior architecture with due regard to customer demands.

national parliament
mali / bamako

we make it happen

steel structure

steel structures have lower construction costs and a faster production process. Bearing frames are prefabricated in the production facilities using fully automatic roll-form machines.

resistance of steel-framed structures to earthquakes is many times greater than reinforced concrete structures.

the galvanized steel used is 100% recyclable and has higher corrosion resistance. Transportation costs are lower because it is fabricated as a prefabrication profile, and project preparation meeting customer demands becomes easier.

social security institution
turkey / van

FAV shade/turkey US consulate general

we work hard to keep our word


horasan undertakes infrastructure construction which include demanding implementations both above and below ground. we deliver a diverse range of infrastructure projects and foundation constructions.

potable water network
lebanon / akkar region

reverse osmosis system
turkey / bursa

water supply line

we keep our promises


quality work is achieved through careful planning, dedication, and skilled execution. with every project horasan construction undertake, we set the bar high to keep our promises

national history museum
kyrgyzstan / bishkek

we shape our buildings

golden ratio

horasan decided on golden ratio spiral as its logo within the re-structuring period. it is persuaded that golden ratio describes the ideal formation and dimensions. scientists have admiration for golden ratio, which we come across in theology, nature, human body and in positive sciences, down the ancient ages.

when you divide numbers, being in the number sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584…) that was discovered by fibonacci, one of the most efficient mathematicians of medieval age, and where each number was generated by the sum of two leading numbers by the back number in the sequence, you will reach 1,618, which is called phi number.

the golden ratio, considered to have been used in the design of egyptian pyramids, parthenon in athens and kayravan mosque in tunisia, was used by leonardo da vinci in his study of vitruvius man, showing ratios in the human body, and also was applied frequently by the artisans of renaissance period on their pictures and sculptures to achieve balance and beauty.

the golden ratio spiral used on our logo reminds us that we have to carry aesthetic concerns in our buildings and the importance of being moderate.

where we are


horasan taahhüt ve inşaat a.ş.
çiğdem district 1593 Street
ODTÜ blocks number 17
çankaya / ankara / republic of turkey

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